Founder of Truly Organized

Hi, I’m Bridget

As a working mom, I understand the challenges of keeping everything in order while juggling various responsibilities. Truly Organized was founded on the simple joy of reorganizing my own life, then playfully organizing for my friends and family. Now I am committed to transforming people’s lives through this work.

I take pride in supporting busy moms, assisting families relocating to and from Santa Barbara, and helping people de-clutter and discover what it means for them to feel Truly Organized. As a KonMari Certified Consultant and National Association of Productivity & Organizing member, my expertise is backed by industry leading affiliations.

Let’s uncover the key elements your environment requires to empower your very best self with a tailor-made project for your individual goals.

I Believe...

That we are our choices.

What we surround ourselves with speaks to who we are.

In honoring your originality.

“Organized” does not always mean "minimalism."

That organizing is a journey.

Each occasion is an opportunity to discover our true selves.

In using less plastic.

Our responsibility to the environment is important.

Discover what being Truly Organized means for you.

Reclaim your space.